Why this course is for all creative businesses, but especially for artists.

You might be wondering if this course is for you, since what you do is unique and your financial situation is unique. If you’re an artist or creative business owner, you will benefit from this course, and watching this section is a must in order to put your mind at ease. Watch the video to the end!

Make sure to download/print out the worksheet below to follow along with the video.

This course is definitely for creative businesses of all kinds and it’s ESPECIALLY for fine artists. Hannah is going to ask some questions that might make a lot of you squirm. But stick with it, since the squirmier, the better. That means you need this course!

Here are the questions Hannah will ask to verify if this course is for you:

Note: they are written out below but be sure to print out the attached download to follow along and check them off as you go.

    • Am I running a business?
    • What am I selling?
    • What am I doing to make money?
    • How am I running my arts practice, and how am I trying to improve its profitability?
    • Am I making a profit?
    • If I work hard and improve my practices, do I have a goal and a realistic possibility of making a profit?

If those are easy questions, and the answers are yes - you’re in great shape. Everything Hannah says is relevant to you, and you are in the best possible position. Listen to this course for the overarching theory and framework of running your creative practice as a business, and guidelines for conducting your business.

For those who are selling a service, such as graphic design or consulting, or a tangible product, such as jewelry or greeting cards, there is probably no philosophical angst for you over whether or not you are a business. You’ve got it easier than some of your peers in the fine arts.

If these questions made you squirm, however, fear not. This webinar is especially for you.

Hannah will tell you:

  • what the benefits are to running your arts practice as a business.
  • what the pitfalls are.
  • what the auditors are looking for.
  • why you have every right to be a business, too.

She will also give you some hope, some tools, and some empowerment!