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  The Curriculum and Who We Are

Welcome to Crafting a Powerful Artist Statement: A Step-By-Step Course. In this Lesson we'll share who we are and what this course is all about.

If you know what an artist statement is, know that you want to master how to write a clear, powerful one every time, and need help doing so, this course is for you!

During this course we will:

  • Break down the components of what an artist statement should and should not be.
  • Review exercises and tips on how to produce an excellent statement time and time again.
  • Give you the blueprint for a successful artist statement that feels genuine.
  • Give you time and focus to write your own statement during the duration of the course.

During this course we will guide you through the process of actually writing your artist statement. It truly is a step-by-step process. We highly recommend being ready to write and follow our process... instead of simply watching it through and saying you'll do it later. Dig in.

And you might be wondering who we are.

We are two artists, Sara Jones, a painter, and Andrea Wenglowskyj, a photographer. We met in graduate school at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston in 2004 and have been collaborating on projects to support artists ever since.

DELVE is an educational and coaching platform that helps artists and creatives tell their unique stories and establish a clear, genuine and powerful presence in the world: online, in person and in writing. Our mission is to help you reach your biggest goals by creating community, to empower you to hone the professional skills you need to put your best work into the world, and to inspire each other to take action on projects that truly matter.